Why it’s important to stay hydrated

By | January 21, 2018


You hear it being said at least a couple of times a day – stay properly hydrated. However, this sentence is still treated lightly by most people who don’t have the time to count their water portions and exactly how much water they drink on a daily basis.

But are those 2 liters of water per day really enough to help you stay properly hydrated? And, most importantly, why is it important to be hydrated? There are many medical studies that have confirmed that our body requires between 1.5 and 3.5 liters of water per day to function properly, depending on our weight and how active we are during the day.

When you feel thirsty your body has already lost plenty of its water and is dehydrated, meaning that it might take longer until reaching the optimum level of hydration again. Thus, here are the most important reasons why you should drink plenty of water daily.


Skin problems

A lot of skin problems are caused or worsen by dehydration. And, since your skin should be your number one ally, it would be good to look after it as much as you can. The main skin problem that comes with constant dehydration is premature aging, meaning wrinkles.

It is known that people with dry or normal skins will get wrinkles faster, whereas people with oily or combination skin will live more years without a wrinkled skin. Moreover, with age, we tend to lose collagen, the enzyme that is known for providing skin’s elasticity and the youthful look. So, if you don’t want to require anti-wrinkle creams it would be best to drink plenty of water daily.

A proper skin hydration both on the inside and on the outside will also help you fight with a lot of other skin-related problems, from acne to dark circles, psoriasis, dermatitis, dilated pores, and others. Keep in mind that a clear skin often comes from your diet choices, and this includes the amount of water you drink daily.


Reduces fatigues and migraines

One of the many reasons your head hurts on a regular basis is the fact that your brain isn’t fully oxygenated and hydrated. This often applies to night owls who prefer working or studying late at night.

The brain gets to rest and oxygenate properly during the night, so working out late or trying to stay focused will require plenty of your brain’s internal resources. So, unless you nourish your brain accordingly, it won’t be able to keep up with the intellectual effort. As a result, you might experience exhaustion, tiredness, inability to concentrate, migraines, and even fatigues.

So, if you plan on working out until late, make sure to drink a few extra glasses of water.


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