Why I Bought a New 4-Slice Toaster

I live in an extended family. Our hospitality and having a residence in a big city, are the reasons for many uninvited guests. Sometimes the mornings in the kitchen resemble that of a big restaurant. So this summer we decided to get a big 4-slot toaster, to get quick and crisp breakfast.

Being the shrewdest bargainer and also the most money-minded person in the house, I was given the responsibility of buying a good and efficient 4-slot toaster. This became an adventure for me as I got an opportunity to visit many home appliance stores in search of the right one for my large family. Soon I was tired with so many options available in the market. So I decided to list down all the attributes I will be satisfied with. These are the points, I compiled

  • Versatile- our local bakery is very efficient. It bakes bread in many flavors and sizes. So I need a toaster which is good for those amazing bread types and slice sizes.
  • Lightweight- We have different preferences in locations for breakfast. One day all of us may wish to eat together, right there in the kitchen and the other day we may want to enjoy the breakfast watching the live soccer match in our living room. So my toaster must be easy to carry around, anywhere in my house.
  • Controlled toasting- ability to control the toasting is a must. It must range from just a hint of warmth to the crispiest toasts.
  • Power-saver- It must not use a powerhouse of electricity, but should use electric power economically.
  • Easy to operate- I want it to be operated by anyone. I want it to be operable by my 8 year old kid brother as well. He shrugs away from all the housework, I want to assign him the toasting task. At least!


Now I have a checklist ready. I am sure I will get the best toaster for my family. This list is for all of you too, in case you are in the same dilemma like me.