What to Consider When Choosing a Reliable Drill Press

Home is a place which needs regular maintenance and repairs to keep it livable. It involves painting, drilling, plumbing, polishing, scrubbing, grinding and many other such tasks that are usually done with hand held tools.


To help us in completing these upkeep tasks speedily and efficiently, many power tools are available in the market. Among them, I would recommend that a drill press must be kept by every house, since it is the most versatile tool. A drill press helps us in these following domestic activities-

  • Drilling holes in walls for pegs on the walls to hold pictures and other hanging items
  • To make holes in wood for creating some easy and simple furniture items
  • To loosen the fixed doors and windows
  • Make holes in partitions or walls to lay electricity wire runners.
  • To fix doors, windows or small wall shelves.
  • To fix cabinets or closets on a wall.
  • To make holes for hanging kitchen and other appliances.

If you are planning to get one, then before you order look for these features in a drill press-

  • Accurate- The drill press must be precise in its operation. Its precision lies in the fact that how clean, straight and accurate holes it can drill with required depth, diameter, and inclination complying the design needs.
  • Quickness- Drill press must make the holes speedily while not affecting the accuracy and settings needed for the work piece. You can chose from handheld or motor operated drill press according to your convenience and need.
  • Capability- the capability will be measured by the power of the motor. A powerful drill press is suitable for the professionals, but for domestic purpose they must have sufficient power to save the user from fatigue.
  • Flexibility- you should be able make the holes of any dimensions, shapes or on any surface without any issue.
  • Security- Drill press must be safe to use. It must have a clamp to hold a piece of work to a drill press’s table.

A multitude of needs makes it necessary to have a handy drill press at home. But ensure that your chosen model has all the mentioned features.