Saved By a Reliable Weather Radio

Year 2013 is the most unforgettable year of my life since I saw death very closely. Even after so many years of this incident, I could not believe that it all happened to me. It started with a trekking trip planned by the students of my last year of college.  Initially I was not interested in this excursion as the term exams were nearing, and I still have to complete my project. But somehow my friends persuaded me for this adventure.


When I was packing my backpack for the trip, my dad placed a weather radio and gave me instructions to use it ( you can find useful information here). I ignored this conversation since I was pretty sure about the pleasant weather at the place we were going to. On reaching our destination, we immediately started trekking with a goal to reach the top before evening. We had a plan to a whole night camp at the peak. It was so exciting. On reaching halfway, we stopped for lunch.


As I was trying to locate my food pack in my backpack, I felt the weather radio, which got switched on accidentally. As soon as it powered on, we heard a loud shriek actually the loud weather alarm. Startled by this sudden, shocking sound, everyone got alert and listened to it carefully. The weather radio was transmitting information about a destructive storm on the way. When we heard the location, we all were petrified. The storm was heading very rapidly towards the location where we were standing.


I immediately instructed my group members to start backwards to the base as fast as possible. Thankfully everyone listened to me and understood the gravity of the situation. We hastily headed back to a place of shelter, which was specially constructed for the trekkers like us. We spent the rest of the day and night in this small but rock solid shelter room and kept hearing the most frightening sounds of the storm we ever heard.


In the morning, after a frightening and wakeful night, we stepped out of the shelter. We could estimate the power of the storm, by the destruction it had caused. Later we were helped by the rescue team in reaching our homes safely. Our parents were very worried, but just because of a small device we all were back with our loving families To this day, when we all friends sit together, we still remember this day and count our blessings due to which we are still alive.