My review of the Shimano Stimula rod

I’m more used to heavy duty than low-profile fishing gear. Most of my rods are medium-heavy and heavy power, and I acquired them because I found this type of equipment to be more useful for most fishing situations. As I am not a professional fisherman, it doesn’t come easy to me, choosing the right pieces of equipment and fit them together. After using it in various occasions, I can say that the Shimano Stimula is one of the most reliable fishing rods for small and medium fish species that you can find available for sale on the internet. Stimula is a series created by Shimano for multiple fishing conditions and fish species. Thus, it comes with various categories, from which you can choose, depending on your needs.

I’ve decided to acquire this model for a bass fishing trip with friends, and foremost because it was recommended by one of my pals that has years of experience with fishing. If you are interested in this species, you then probably know it can offer you one of the most exciting fishing experiences that you can wish for. Bass is one of those fish that can put up a fight, so you need a rod that you can maneuver with ease and that won’t obstruct your attempts to bring your catch in your boat. The Shimano Stimula I opted for has a 5.6 feet blank, and it is made with quality graphite, extremely sensitive to any vibration coming from the water.

I believe this product has all the features it needs to tackle this particular job. Some may argue that a ultra-light power fishing rod is not the best choice when it comes to fishing for bass, but that can also be decided depending on the type you are going for. In my case, it did a great job and I didn’t get back home empty handed.  As my experience with fishing is limited, the length and construction of this rod helped me handle it with minimum effort and cast good and precise distances. In addition, I didn’t have to put much of a struggle in casting and retrieving the line.

However, length is not the greatest advantage of this rod. What I appreciate above all is its sensitivity to movement doubled by a sturdy build that promises a long lifespan. No matter how easily the fish bit, I could sense the vibration going through the rod and into the handle. Talking about the handle, it is made with high-quality cork that adds to the overall comfort you get when fishing with this wonderful tool.

In addition, the rod feels great in my hands, it doesn’t hinder my movements and its lightweight build ensures a smooth experience for my arms that will not get tired or feel sore even after a long day holding the rod. The grip is split in two sections that make the rod feel lighter and more stable in the same time, due to the fact that the 2 piece structure helps distribute the weight evenly.