Loosing Weight Is On My Mind

I am on the heavier side of weight, ever since I remember. I was a chubby baby and an overweight teen. As I entered my youth, my aberrant eating habits and my carefree attitude made me an overweight person. This came with many health issues that demanded an urgent need of weight reduction. I decided to face this challenge.

The first step was to plan an effective exercise routine. This part was still easy. One of my friends has recently brought the franchise of a renowned gym chain. He offered me its membership at a 40 % discount as an inaugural offer. So I jumped to the opportunity since this gym was really good and was visited by many celebrities as well.

The second step was a bit difficult for a foodie like me. I could not desist myself from eating. My gym-owner friend too suggested that the breakfast is the most important meal of a day. I had to take a healthy and balanced breakfast, to help me in reducing my weight. So I decided to begin my day with fruits, but within a few days I felt that without some carbohydrates I may cease to exist.

So I decided to take toast at breakfast, as it is considered to be good in fibers, easy to digest and delicious with a hot cup of coffee. I never owned a toaster, this was the time I wanted to have one. I ordered a 2-slot toaster after reading multiple reviews; 2 slice toaster seemed to be sufficient for me. It came within two days of placing the order. I was delighted with the compact shape and quick heating of the toaster. It made the perfect toasts I had ever eaten.

So after one month of using the toaster and of course the exercise regime, I am inspired to share my experience of reducing weight and I feel so light as well as happy.