I Found Out How to Safely Install a Baby Car Seat


Last week my school where I work as a teacher, organized a very valuable hands-on learning session, as a part of a series of sessions for social and family issues. I found this particular session pretty interesting, since it was not meant to teach us any specific skill that we could use in our kitchen or at home, but it was meant to take better care of our toddlers while driving.

I too have to travel many times with my one year old son, so I was really eager to participate in this session. The whole staff of our school was happy to meet the local police officers who co-organized this training session. We all were shocked to know that in most of the road accidents the worst victims are the kids under two years of age. The most common reason for this was improper or ill placed baby car seats.


A good read on this subject: http://www.babycenter.com/2_how-to-install-an-infant-car-seat_10338943.bc

This team of experts demonstrated the correct way to attach a car seat and to buckle the toddler in the seat for a safe ride. They also told us that the seat must be purchased according to the baby’s age and weight, since the baby should sit comfortably in it. They also told us to buy seats with proper padding, belts, reliable buckles and manufactured with all safety norms.

I asked about the ideal place in a car to fix the car seat. I was told that rear center is the best place to sit the baby since this is the place least affected in case of a mishap. It was also stressed that the infant seat should be checked properly each time without fail when travelling with the baby on board.  The car seat must be replaced with bigger sizes as the child grows in weight and size.  You cannot risk your child’s life to save a few bucks.

At the end of this revealing session, we went back, well equipped with the knowledge to take better care of our babies while driving.