How to Prepare Homemade Quesadillas the Healthy Way


Quesadillas are very tasty, but they can be as unhealthy as other foods if you do not pay attention to certain aspects. While quesadillas make for a healthier type of fast food, compared to greasy hamburgers you can find around every corner, this does not mean that you should just go crazy with the ingredients. Here are some tips to help you make quesadillas at home the healthy way.


Find a healthy dairy replacement

Grated cheese is almost a staple for quesadillas, but, as you may well know, this type of food is very high in calories and fat. When you go shopping for quesadilla ingredients, do not overlook low fat types of dairy, such as goat cheese. It is much healthier than Cheddar and you will surely love it.


Go for a vegan recipe

Although many quesadilla recipes involve the use of meat, you should not feel constrained to do so. There are many healthy vegan recipes for quesadillas you can find and the best part is that they make following a diet so much easier, because they are so tasty. For instance, if you start replacing your regular meats with tasty mushrooms and beans, you can still enjoy your quesadillas while losing weight.


Opt for whole wheat

Tortillas made with white flour are not a very wise choice because they are packed with healthy fiber. Whole grains offer many benefits and you should integrate them with your favorite dish, so you can rip all these advantages on a regular basis.


Get a good quesadilla maker

The type I recommend is one that comes with non-stick cooking surface. Why is this aspect so important? Normally, if you do not want your tortillas to stick to the cooking surfaces, you should brush them with oil and that simply adds fat to your recipe, fat that will eventually go to your waist, thighs and other areas of your body. I searched for quite a while for a good quality quesadilla maker and I finally found one that really works for me. The information I gathered from the quesadilla maker reviews from this site was very useful in my search, and I have the authors of this website to thank for getting such a reliable model.


Replace salt with other spices

Salt makes food taste great, but if you do not want your health to be influenced by the amount of salt in your diet, you should skillfully replace it with other spices, including when you are making quesadillas.