How do you use a Hoyer lift?

By | August 27, 2018

As much as seniors remain young and cheerful in their hearts, their mobility and flexibility diminish with time. After a certain age, seniors will have to put in more effort to move from one place to another or perform simple house chores. Unfortunately, there will come a time when our parents and grandparents won’t be able to move by themselves anymore, and this is when you need to step in.

After surgeries or in the latest stages of life your relatives or close friends will require your help to move from one place to another. And, since carrying them by yourself could seem close to impossible, we suggest you look for alternatives.


What is a Hoyer lift?

The Hoyer Lift is a device that is used to lift people and transport them from one point to another using pneumatic or electronic leverage. The product contains different parts that, put together, allow you to operate it without a hassle.

Among the most important parts of the Hoyer Lift you will find a locking wheel and a remote control to facilitate transportation and provide security.


How do you use the Hoyer lift?

The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the product and carefully read the instructions provided.

It may be hard learning how to use it in the beginning, so pay close attention to all the instructions.

You should start by identifying the base legs and the wheels. The wheels should fit tightly and be stable at all times to provide increased protection when moving the lifter. You should also avoid using the Hoyer lift on uneven floors or carpets.

After that, you need to make sure the carrying swing is placed below the individual you want to lift and carry. You can use the sling straps to secure the person. Depending on each model, you can handle the lifter with the hand pump or with the attached controls.

Why are Hoyer lifts useful?

These items are perfect for both private and public settings and can be used by caretakers or regular people. They are useful when trying to move people with mobility issues from one location to another without requiring the help of an additional person.

The Hoyer lifts will reduce the impact of transportation and will help people with low mobility enjoy a different setting. These products are useful when taking baths, changing patients or simply when they want to move from the bedroom to the living room.

They can also prevent injuries and unnecessary stress for patients. Besides, caretakers won’t suffer from back pains or sore muscles.


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