Greek Yogurt Vs Regular Yogurt

You all know, yogurts are healthy to eat. That is why, when you are in a supermarket and looking for something healthy but delicious, to eat, you head straight to the frozen foods section and pick yogurt. However, in the aisle displaying the healthy yogurt, you will find its two different kinds: Greek yogurt and regular yogurt.

Yes, this may confuse you. So, if you are wondering “which one is the better pick?” read along to get an answer. Actually, deciding for Greek or regular yogurt is not possible without knowing both of them in detail.

When you eat something, the first thing you acknowledge and appreciate is the flavor. Well, talking about the taste, many people agree that Greek yogurt is better: yummier, milkier and of course creamier. So one point goes to the Greek yogurt.


Of course, flavor is not everything. There can be many reasons why you want yogurt other than its flavor. The basic reason why we prefer to eat yogurt is because it is indeed a health food. Now you have to consider which of these two is healthier.

On a nutrient scale, both regular yogurt and Greek yogurt are packed with calcium and active bacteria culture to help in digestion and are low in calorie. Greek yogurt may rate equally with regular one on calorie meter, it certainly has double the proteins than regular yogurt plus sugar as the only sweetener. Dietitians too, recommend the Greek yogurt, high in proteins, but less in sugar.

So, if your choice is low carbs and more protein, Greek yogurt is the best thing for you. However, if you are fond of full-fat Greek yogurt, which has saturated fat of 16 grams in every 7 ounces of Greek yogurt, it will be the same as eating a lot of chocolates. On the other hand, low-fat and no fat regular yogurt is a better option.

So how about you? Do you want to go Greek?