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I Found Out How to Safely Install a Baby Car Seat


Last week my school where I work as a teacher, organized a very valuable hands-on learning session, as a part of a series of sessions for social and family issues. I found this particular session pretty interesting, since it was not meant to teach us any specific skill that we could use in our kitchen or at home, but it was meant to take better care of our toddlers while driving.

I too have to travel many times with my one year old son, so I was really eager to participate in this session. The whole staff of our school was happy to meet the local police officers who co-organized this training session. We all were shocked to know that in most of the road accidents the worst victims are the kids under two years of age. The most common reason for this was improper or ill placed baby car seats.


A good read on this subject:

This team of experts demonstrated the correct way to attach a car seat and to buckle the toddler in the seat for a safe ride. They also told us that the seat must be purchased according to the baby’s age and weight, since the baby should sit comfortably in it. They also told us to buy seats with proper padding, belts, reliable buckles and manufactured with all safety norms.

I asked about the ideal place in a car to fix the car seat. I was told that rear center is the best place to sit the baby since this is the place least affected in case of a mishap. It was also stressed that the infant seat should be checked properly each time without fail when travelling with the baby on board.  The car seat must be replaced with bigger sizes as the child grows in weight and size.  You cannot risk your child’s life to save a few bucks.

At the end of this revealing session, we went back, well equipped with the knowledge to take better care of our babies while driving.

Loosing Weight Is On My Mind

I am on the heavier side of weight, ever since I remember. I was a chubby baby and an overweight teen. As I entered my youth, my aberrant eating habits and my carefree attitude made me an overweight person. This came with many health issues that demanded an urgent need of weight reduction. I decided to face this challenge.

The first step was to plan an effective exercise routine. This part was still easy. One of my friends has recently brought the franchise of a renowned gym chain. He offered me its membership at a 40 % discount as an inaugural offer. So I jumped to the opportunity since this gym was really good and was visited by many celebrities as well.

The second step was a bit difficult for a foodie like me. I could not desist myself from eating. My gym-owner friend too suggested that the breakfast is the most important meal of a day. I had to take a healthy and balanced breakfast, to help me in reducing my weight. So I decided to begin my day with fruits, but within a few days I felt that without some carbohydrates I may cease to exist.

So I decided to take toast at breakfast, as it is considered to be good in fibers, easy to digest and delicious with a hot cup of coffee. I never owned a toaster, this was the time I wanted to have one. I ordered a 2-slot toaster after reading multiple reviews; 2 slice toaster seemed to be sufficient for me. It came within two days of placing the order. I was delighted with the compact shape and quick heating of the toaster. It made the perfect toasts I had ever eaten.

So after one month of using the toaster and of course the exercise regime, I am inspired to share my experience of reducing weight and I feel so light as well as happy.

Saved By a Reliable Weather Radio

Year 2013 is the most unforgettable year of my life since I saw death very closely. Even after so many years of this incident, I could not believe that it all happened to me. It started with a trekking trip planned by the students of my last year of college.  Initially I was not interested in this excursion as the term exams were nearing, and I still have to complete my project. But somehow my friends persuaded me for this adventure.


When I was packing my backpack for the trip, my dad placed a weather radio and gave me instructions to use it ( you can find useful information here). I ignored this conversation since I was pretty sure about the pleasant weather at the place we were going to. On reaching our destination, we immediately started trekking with a goal to reach the top before evening. We had a plan to a whole night camp at the peak. It was so exciting. On reaching halfway, we stopped for lunch.


As I was trying to locate my food pack in my backpack, I felt the weather radio, which got switched on accidentally. As soon as it powered on, we heard a loud shriek actually the loud weather alarm. Startled by this sudden, shocking sound, everyone got alert and listened to it carefully. The weather radio was transmitting information about a destructive storm on the way. When we heard the location, we all were petrified. The storm was heading very rapidly towards the location where we were standing.


I immediately instructed my group members to start backwards to the base as fast as possible. Thankfully everyone listened to me and understood the gravity of the situation. We hastily headed back to a place of shelter, which was specially constructed for the trekkers like us. We spent the rest of the day and night in this small but rock solid shelter room and kept hearing the most frightening sounds of the storm we ever heard.


In the morning, after a frightening and wakeful night, we stepped out of the shelter. We could estimate the power of the storm, by the destruction it had caused. Later we were helped by the rescue team in reaching our homes safely. Our parents were very worried, but just because of a small device we all were back with our loving families To this day, when we all friends sit together, we still remember this day and count our blessings due to which we are still alive.

Bad Habits to Avoid When Training with a Heavy Bag


Don’t make these mistakes!


Training with a heavy bag can be a very rewarding experience in terms of results and the satisfaction you will get from being able to throw punches and kicks to your heart’s content. However, heavy bag training should not be a hectic routine, from which you will learn nothing. Certain bad habits should be avoided when training in such a manner, so you can indeed, become a better fighter.


Here is one article I really enjoyed:


What I learned from there:


Stop focusing on hitting hard – Too many people make the mistake of thinking that hitting hard is what they should do all the time when in front of a heavy bag. There is hardly a bigger mistake than this. What happens when you are so focused on hitting hard the bag is that your movements become sloppy and uncoordinated. Don’t be surprised to see how poorly you will eventually hit the bag. What’s worse is that you can also injure yourself in such a manner.

Don’t signal your intentions – The purpose of hitting a heavy bag is to train for facing a real opponent, so stop developing habits that may signal the other your intentions. For instance, cocking your arm back preparing for a punch will give any flesh and blood opponent a clear idea of where you are going to hit next.


Stop pushing the bag – When you are practicing your punches, focus on coordinating your limbs and do not involve your entire body. For instance, when you are using your hands, your feet should remain firm on the ground, and your body should maintain its balance without throwing itself at the bag.


Don’t hold your breath – The action of hitting a heavy bag requires plenty of effort and stamina from your part. Do not waste it by holding your breath while you are landing your hits. This will lead to instant exhaustion and you will feel too tired for another round.


Greek Yogurt Vs Regular Yogurt

You all know, yogurts are healthy to eat. That is why, when you are in a supermarket and looking for something healthy but delicious, to eat, you head straight to the frozen foods section and pick yogurt. However, in the aisle displaying the healthy yogurt, you will find its two different kinds: Greek yogurt and regular yogurt.

Yes, this may confuse you. So, if you are wondering “which one is the better pick?” read along to get an answer. Actually, deciding for Greek or regular yogurt is not possible without knowing both of them in detail.

When you eat something, the first thing you acknowledge and appreciate is the flavor. Well, talking about the taste, many people agree that Greek yogurt is better: yummier, milkier and of course creamier. So one point goes to the Greek yogurt.


Of course, flavor is not everything. There can be many reasons why you want yogurt other than its flavor. The basic reason why we prefer to eat yogurt is because it is indeed a health food. Now you have to consider which of these two is healthier.

On a nutrient scale, both regular yogurt and Greek yogurt are packed with calcium and active bacteria culture to help in digestion and are low in calorie. Greek yogurt may rate equally with regular one on calorie meter, it certainly has double the proteins than regular yogurt plus sugar as the only sweetener. Dietitians too, recommend the Greek yogurt, high in proteins, but less in sugar.

So, if your choice is low carbs and more protein, Greek yogurt is the best thing for you. However, if you are fond of full-fat Greek yogurt, which has saturated fat of 16 grams in every 7 ounces of Greek yogurt, it will be the same as eating a lot of chocolates. On the other hand, low-fat and no fat regular yogurt is a better option.

So how about you? Do you want to go Greek?


How do you recover your feet after working out?

Many people suffer from sore feet. It is not unnatural or unexpected to feel pain after sustained physical effort. However, more at risk are the people who enjoy working out or who overdo it in their attempt to stay fit and maintain their physical aspect. To prevent this from happening, taking breaks and putting in place a recovery program is as important as the exercising itself. There are a few tricks to help you minimize the risks of working out excessively.

During and after workout sessions your body needs a lot of water that will help your muscles speed up the recovery process. Another thing you can do is eat a healthy meal 1 hour after the workout session. Taking an energizing nap will also refill your body’s energy deposits.

But, if you worked out too much and had little time to do any of these, you should most definitely try a massage. Going to a professional salon is the optimal solution for that and you will immediately feel the healing benefits of the techniques used by professionals there. For many, however, massage is a luxury they can’t afford, lacking financial resources or the time to visit a specialized center or clinic. Fortunately, you can enjoy a satisfying massage at home too, if you have a friend who knows how to do it.

A great way to relax stiff muscles is to take a warm bath before you go to sleep. You just need to have a water basin around the house, pour warm water in it and add Epsom salts. This ingredient can really help you with sore muscles and many athletes use it. This chemical compound will also support your body in getting rid of toxins and will alleviate pain. The warm water’s effect, combined with the Epsom salt will relax your entire body and, its pain reducing effects will help you get a good night sleep, preparing you for another working out session.

The foot spa experience can be improved if you possess a foot spa machine – a product especially designed for you to be able to prepare a foot bath at home. Not only that, but most of these products include massaging devices, so you won’t have to go to a professional spa to enjoy the wonderful effects of massaging techniques. Of course, for the ultimate experience, you should definitely try a massage center, but some of these machines are equipped with good massaging surfaces and vibrating massage that even if it’s not the equivalent of professional hands, will calm your feet and relax your entire body.

Most certainly, you cannot use homemade spas as a medical therapy, thus, if a warm bath and a soft massage won’t help your body regenerate, and you tend to suffer from foot pain most days, you should rethink your exercising program and make a doctor’s appointment to check if you haven’t injured them severely.


A few tips for keeping your basement dry

Keeping your basement in top shape is a tricky endeavor as it seems that over 60% of American homes are affected by some sort of basement flooding at some point or the other. Instead of waiting for a hazard to do its damage, we recommend using several tips and tricks to make sure that you’re never forced to spend your money on expensive repairs. Check out the following pointers if you want to keep your basement dry.


Use insulation

One of the major reasons for this place suffering from excess humidity is that cold water pipes tend to develop condensation. If you want to avoid this issue, all you have to do is insulate all of the pipes that go through your basement. It goes without saying that you should check for any leaks or problems of any kinds so that you’re never caught off-guard. If you have the budget, we also recommend using insulation on your walls as this way, you’ll be able to prevent mold or other types of fungi from ever developing. If anyone in your family or group of people living in the house is suffering from asthma or any type of respiratory problem, you need to address the issue of mold as quickly as possible. Since nothing beats prevention, just choose to insulate your basement walls.

Exhaust fans

If your basement isn’t entirely below ground level, you might be able to use this detail to your advantage. Install several exhaust fans in the bathroom in your basement, as showering in that particular room can further add to the entire humidity. When you’re at home, leave your basement to air as much as possible so as to eliminate any moisture. We can’t recommend avoiding drying your clothes in your basement as most people have their laundry room in the cellar. However, if it’s sunny outside but you don’t want to hang your clothes out in the open, at least open as many windows as possible.


Another way of dealing with the water that might be dripping into your basement right after it rained is installing a gutter or extending downspouts. It might be worth mentioning that there need to be at least four to six feet of space between the place where the downspouts will pour the water and your house, so the water doesn’t infiltrate through the walls.


Use a sump pump

If all the methods that we’ve mentioned aren’t enough, you ought to consider buying and using an automatic sump pump. There are two different kinds of models that are now available, consisting of pedestal and submersible alternatives. Check the dimension of your pit and whether you can afford to buy a reasonably priced option. Some pumps can cost less than two hundred dollars, but since they’re so good at doing their job, they might save you a lot of money in the long run. In the end, it’s money you may spend on repairing your basement all the time.



How to Prepare Homemade Quesadillas the Healthy Way


Quesadillas are very tasty, but they can be as unhealthy as other foods if you do not pay attention to certain aspects. While quesadillas make for a healthier type of fast food, compared to greasy hamburgers you can find around every corner, this does not mean that you should just go crazy with the ingredients. Here are some tips to help you make quesadillas at home the healthy way.


Find a healthy dairy replacement

Grated cheese is almost a staple for quesadillas, but, as you may well know, this type of food is very high in calories and fat. When you go shopping for quesadilla ingredients, do not overlook low fat types of dairy, such as goat cheese. It is much healthier than Cheddar and you will surely love it.


Go for a vegan recipe

Although many quesadilla recipes involve the use of meat, you should not feel constrained to do so. There are many healthy vegan recipes for quesadillas you can find and the best part is that they make following a diet so much easier, because they are so tasty. For instance, if you start replacing your regular meats with tasty mushrooms and beans, you can still enjoy your quesadillas while losing weight.


Opt for whole wheat

Tortillas made with white flour are not a very wise choice because they are packed with healthy fiber. Whole grains offer many benefits and you should integrate them with your favorite dish, so you can rip all these advantages on a regular basis.


Get a good quesadilla maker

The type I recommend is one that comes with non-stick cooking surface. Why is this aspect so important? Normally, if you do not want your tortillas to stick to the cooking surfaces, you should brush them with oil and that simply adds fat to your recipe, fat that will eventually go to your waist, thighs and other areas of your body. I searched for quite a while for a good quality quesadilla maker and I finally found one that really works for me. The information I gathered from the quesadilla maker reviews from this site was very useful in my search, and I have the authors of this website to thank for getting such a reliable model.


Replace salt with other spices

Salt makes food taste great, but if you do not want your health to be influenced by the amount of salt in your diet, you should skillfully replace it with other spices, including when you are making quesadillas.