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A Top Electric Broom Seems to Do the Trick

I recently shifted in this city. The worst thing here is the strong winds that are the routine of a day’s weather. With such windy conditions and being near to a desert I face one problem every day. Each part of my house gets covered with layers of fine dust and other debris. For me, with severe knee pain, keeping my house clean is the greatest challenge.

I was in search of a good cleaning appliance, when one day I stumbled upon a TV commercial while switching between channels. It was about an electric broom. Its design was quite different and looked flexible as well. I vacuum my house, but it was limited to some specific areas, being a wired appliance. I wanted some handy appliance for the exteriors of my house as well. So I was immediately attracted to this efficient looking and reasonably priced cordless housework appliance and ended up ordering one for me.

When it arrived, I was happy that it lived up to my expectations as far as compactness and looks were concerned. It is a powerful device and could clean up a room within a few minutes. It is lightweight and is battery operated as I saw on this website. So now I am able to reach the farthest and most cramped places of my house and clean away any kind of dirt whether dry or wet on a rainy day.

It did help me with my painful knee. I no longer bend on my knees to clean the places under the bed and my living room couches. I use this appliance for cleaning the spaces closer to the roof.  It cleans all the dust in a jiffy. I am really happy and thankful to its visionary inventors, for giving such a helpful tool for the people like me.

Are Radar Detectors a Good Investment?

Radar detectors are legal in passenger vehicles in many states with the exception of some areas where radar detectors may be prohibited and these areas are basically military bases. Wireless radar detectors are illegal if you are using them near armed forces service stations and I advise you to disconnect any such device when entering such prohibited areas.

If you don’t take this advice, the police officers are going to pull you over unless you un-plug them. I am sharing this information with you because recently I was pulled over by two traffic cops near one of the security check points adjoining a military base. In any case, most of the police officers have no idea what the hell are they doing. Not sure? Check this article!

Both the officers were very strict and I too showed courtesy and co-operated with them. They searched my vehicle thoroughly, but they were not able to find anything. Upon asking why they were frisking my car, they asked me if I have installed any speed radar.  I told them that I don’t have such a device in my car. I crossed the check post without getting any ticket. I had not broken any law, but still got searched. No, I don’t have any hard feelings towards them since they were doing their duty and that too was linked to our own safety.

Although it wasted twenty minutes of my time, but the incident made me realize and I decided never to use radar detectors as it is a serious offense, if caught. I won the mouse and rat chase that day, but only because I was right in every way since I didn’t have any radar detector in my car. If you have nothing to hide, always let the police check your vehicle voluntarily and you will be able to avoid any hassles.

One more thing I would like to share is that it does not make any difference whether you have an expensive or less expensive radar detector; you are going to get a ticket for both over speeding and using a radar detector, if caught by police in the restricted areas.

What to Consider When Choosing a Reliable Drill Press

Home is a place which needs regular maintenance and repairs to keep it livable. It involves painting, drilling, plumbing, polishing, scrubbing, grinding and many other such tasks that are usually done with hand held tools.


To help us in completing these upkeep tasks speedily and efficiently, many power tools are available in the market. Among them, I would recommend that a drill press must be kept by every house, since it is the most versatile tool. A drill press helps us in these following domestic activities-

  • Drilling holes in walls for pegs on the walls to hold pictures and other hanging items
  • To make holes in wood for creating some easy and simple furniture items
  • To loosen the fixed doors and windows
  • Make holes in partitions or walls to lay electricity wire runners.
  • To fix doors, windows or small wall shelves.
  • To fix cabinets or closets on a wall.
  • To make holes for hanging kitchen and other appliances.

If you are planning to get one, then before you order look for these features in a drill press-

  • Accurate- The drill press must be precise in its operation. Its precision lies in the fact that how clean, straight and accurate holes it can drill with required depth, diameter, and inclination complying the design needs.
  • Quickness- Drill press must make the holes speedily while not affecting the accuracy and settings needed for the work piece. You can chose from handheld or motor operated drill press according to your convenience and need.
  • Capability- the capability will be measured by the power of the motor. A powerful drill press is suitable for the professionals, but for domestic purpose they must have sufficient power to save the user from fatigue.
  • Flexibility- you should be able make the holes of any dimensions, shapes or on any surface without any issue.
  • Security- Drill press must be safe to use. It must have a clamp to hold a piece of work to a drill press’s table.

A multitude of needs makes it necessary to have a handy drill press at home. But ensure that your chosen model has all the mentioned features.

My thoughts on the Deeper DP0H10S10-P fish finder

Finally I have found a good wireless portable fish finder device in Deeper DP0H10S10-P. A fish finder device which uses Bluetooth technology to transfer the sonar readings into a Bluetooth enabled device. The details are collected from as deep as 150 feet, which is 45 meters. What’s more, Deeper DP0H10S10-P does not require my Smartphone’s data for the sonar to work. This allows the device to be used from anywhere.

What I found interesting in a Deeper DP0H10S10-P is the availability of dual frequency sonar. With this, I am able to cover a wider area for searching as well as a narrow area for getting high accuracy. Deeper DP0H10S10-P works in depths ranging from 1.5 feet to 130 feet. It works well in salt water as well as in fresh water. Deeper DP0H10S10-P weighs around 0.22 pounds and the diameter is 2.6 inches. This makes it lighter and smaller than any other fish finder we have in the market now. Because of its light weight, Deeper DP0H10S10-P is easy to use and I was able to take it along whenever I went fishing.


Some interesting features I found in Deeper DP0H10S10-P are given below

Deeper DP0H10S10-P includes the activity calendar for fishing, maps, a diary, weather information and other functions. My Deeper fish finder works perfectly with my Smartphone irrespective of whether it is an Android operating system or an iOS operating system. As it is a wireless system, it can be connected to any wireless network system via the Bluetooth. One quality that makes Deeper DP0H10S10-P stand out from the rest of the fish finders is its ability to reach a lot of areas such as bridges, shore, dock, kayak, in rivers and it can be also used for ice fishing. Battery life is good and it lasts for more than 4 hours when used continuously.

After using Deeper DP0H10S10-P a few times, I found that, Deeper is a useful and reliable fish finding device which is easy to use. The customer service support provided by Deeper is incomparable to the customer service offered by other companies. The information provided by Deeper on climate, weather, sunset/sunrise and moonrise/moonset are really helpful when you go out for fishing. The import and export function provided by Deeper is a great feature that is not available in most of other fish finders. All these features makes it the number one fish finder and there is no doubt regarding why it is the most sort-after fish finder in the world by anglers.


The only small issue I found with the Deeper DP0H10S10-P is the battery. Even though my battery is working fine, one of my friends who purchased a Deeper had to get his battery replaced after few cycles of recharging. The customer support representative informed us that the battery is designed in such a way that it will work without any issues for at least 300 cycles and that means it should last for a minimum of 6 years or so.


The Deeper DP0H10S10-P fish finder is a great product to have and one of the most important gears to be included in any angler’s or fisherman’s kit. Deeper will surely help you in finding big fish and helps you with a good catch.

Fish Finders: Excellent Gifts for Husbands

Last year I wanted to surprise my husband with some amazing gift, on his birthday so that he could fall in love with me all over again. I searched over the web and browsed through many magazines, but to no avail. Everything looked so ordinary and common, that was I was about to drop this idea of surprising him, when one day I had a conversation with my father-in-law over  the phone.

He told me that he is planning a fishing trip for the coming weekend.  I suddenly remembered my husband telling me occasionally about how he misses his childhood days at his parents’ house, when he used to have frequent fishing trips to the lake nearby. I was struck by a brilliant idea.

I immediately ordered a fish finder device, about which I heard a lot. My husband is the proud owner of some of the finest fishing rods, but could not use them due to lack of time. I knew that this device will inspire him to pursue his favorite hobby.

So, on his birthday, I gifted him this wonderful gift. He was surprised and wanted to use it at the earliest. I asked my father-in-law if we could join him on his planned fishing trip. He said we can and so we went to my husband’s country side family house.

Next day, we started early towards the lake with all our fishing gear and the fish finder. On reaching the lake we used the fish finder with a little reluctance, as we were not sure about the results. But it was really a surprise when we could locate the fish’s position right on the finder’s display and were successful in catching plenty of them. My husband confessed that he had the best fishing excursion ever. He thanked me profusely for this wonderful gift and I was too happy for the most special person in my life.

My review of the Shimano Stimula rod

I’m more used to heavy duty than low-profile fishing gear. Most of my rods are medium-heavy and heavy power, and I acquired them because I found this type of equipment to be more useful for most fishing situations. As I am not a professional fisherman, it doesn’t come easy to me, choosing the right pieces of equipment and fit them together. After using it in various occasions, I can say that the Shimano Stimula is one of the most reliable fishing rods for small and medium fish species that you can find available for sale on the internet. Stimula is a series created by Shimano for multiple fishing conditions and fish species. Thus, it comes with various categories, from which you can choose, depending on your needs.

I’ve decided to acquire this model for a bass fishing trip with friends, and foremost because it was recommended by one of my pals that has years of experience with fishing. If you are interested in this species, you then probably know it can offer you one of the most exciting fishing experiences that you can wish for. Bass is one of those fish that can put up a fight, so you need a rod that you can maneuver with ease and that won’t obstruct your attempts to bring your catch in your boat. The Shimano Stimula I opted for has a 5.6 feet blank, and it is made with quality graphite, extremely sensitive to any vibration coming from the water.

I believe this product has all the features it needs to tackle this particular job. Some may argue that a ultra-light power fishing rod is not the best choice when it comes to fishing for bass, but that can also be decided depending on the type you are going for. In my case, it did a great job and I didn’t get back home empty handed.  As my experience with fishing is limited, the length and construction of this rod helped me handle it with minimum effort and cast good and precise distances. In addition, I didn’t have to put much of a struggle in casting and retrieving the line.

However, length is not the greatest advantage of this rod. What I appreciate above all is its sensitivity to movement doubled by a sturdy build that promises a long lifespan. No matter how easily the fish bit, I could sense the vibration going through the rod and into the handle. Talking about the handle, it is made with high-quality cork that adds to the overall comfort you get when fishing with this wonderful tool.

In addition, the rod feels great in my hands, it doesn’t hinder my movements and its lightweight build ensures a smooth experience for my arms that will not get tired or feel sore even after a long day holding the rod. The grip is split in two sections that make the rod feel lighter and more stable in the same time, due to the fact that the 2 piece structure helps distribute the weight evenly.

Why I Bought a New 4-Slice Toaster

I live in an extended family. Our hospitality and having a residence in a big city, are the reasons for many uninvited guests. Sometimes the mornings in the kitchen resemble that of a big restaurant. So this summer we decided to get a big 4-slot toaster, to get quick and crisp breakfast.

Being the shrewdest bargainer and also the most money-minded person in the house, I was given the responsibility of buying a good and efficient 4-slot toaster. This became an adventure for me as I got an opportunity to visit many home appliance stores in search of the right one for my large family. Soon I was tired with so many options available in the market. So I decided to list down all the attributes I will be satisfied with. These are the points, I compiled

  • Versatile- our local bakery is very efficient. It bakes bread in many flavors and sizes. So I need a toaster which is good for those amazing bread types and slice sizes.
  • Lightweight- We have different preferences in locations for breakfast. One day all of us may wish to eat together, right there in the kitchen and the other day we may want to enjoy the breakfast watching the live soccer match in our living room. So my toaster must be easy to carry around, anywhere in my house.
  • Controlled toasting- ability to control the toasting is a must. It must range from just a hint of warmth to the crispiest toasts.
  • Power-saver- It must not use a powerhouse of electricity, but should use electric power economically.
  • Easy to operate- I want it to be operated by anyone. I want it to be operable by my 8 year old kid brother as well. He shrugs away from all the housework, I want to assign him the toasting task. At least!


Now I have a checklist ready. I am sure I will get the best toaster for my family. This list is for all of you too, in case you are in the same dilemma like me.

Buying a truck tent was the best decision I have ever made


For as long as I can remember, I have camped with the usual tents that you place on the ground. I am not the outdoor type, just found myself stuck with a group of friends that enjoy camping and outdoor festivals. I am rather the type that prefers staying in a hotel bed. However, because I love them, I’ve adapted to sleeping uncomfortably and waking up with insects in my hair or in the cold. Even so, such inconveniences appear minor, now that I have acquired so many unforgettable experiences during the time spent camping, that I’ve come to cherish the negative experiences more than the positive ones.

In few lines, I’d like to talk about the moment when I bought my first truck tent. Though it didn’t make me love the outdoors, it definitely made an improvement in my mood while camping. Although I knew truck tents were available on the market, I have only recently bought my truck, without which the tent would have been useless. Nevertheless, there I was, in the eve of yet another camping trip, when somebody gave me the brilliant idea of acquiring a truck tent, since I was now the proud owner of a pickup truck. It wasn’t easy to find a suitable tent, as my truck was an older model, but, finally I found a tent that perfectly fitted in the back of my vehicle.

The tent that I chose is slightly less roomy than those you place on the ground, it can only accommodate two people, but that was enough at that moment, since I needed it for me and another friend. Upon purchase, I was also advised to include a mattress to fit it inside (I pondered that if I’m planning to sleep comfortably, I might as well do all that I can to secure that). However, if you have a more spacious truck you can find a tent that matches its dimension and, thus offer you more space.

The trip followed two days after buying the tent. There was a bit of a hassle on how to install it and we did get it wrong three times even with the instructions manual. However, once you get used to the process, you notice that it is not hard, nor is it much more different from setting up a normal tent. All our efforts were worth it in the end. We slept wonderfully that night especially since we bought also an amazing truck tent mattress! Just knowing that insects were at a safe distance from me and that there was something else separating me from the cold ground made me feel so much more at ease.

Plus, it was so much warmer during the night, due to the mattress and the truck’s bed and I felt protected by the walls of the vehicle surrounding the tent from three sides. I found it more resistant and easy to install than a normal tent (that is of course, after I’ve learnt to master the installation process). During the following trips I was also proven that this the tent resists strong winds better.

Since then, although I wouldn’t say I have become a great camper, I am more peaceful at the thought of sleeping under the stars than I was before.

I needed a RV GPS along with my radar detector

You cannot compare yourself with truck owners if you are planning to travel in an RV, since they are routinely on the highway and know the routes very well. But you as an occasional traveler in an RV, will face great difficulty in finding your way in the new regions.  So you can rely on a GPS system that comes with a range of RV specific features.


You may decide to use your car GPS in your RV, but this will not work for you. The reason is the size and built of the RVs. They are longer, have higher elevation and are much heavier than a car. The GPS, which is installed in your car is specifically designed and created for a smaller vehicle and has the speed and size limits as well. If you try to use them in the RV, you may stick in some difficult situations or places which may leave you in some grave problem.


You have a higher risk of getting into some troubles like arriving on a road that is meant only for small cars, pass through a bridge that is not suitable to bear the weight of an RV or being guided towards an overpass for which your RV is too high. This can be a real difficult position as you may be stopped or issued a ticket by the highway traffic cops for posing a danger to other drivers.


GPS companies have observed this need of RV travelers and are trying to tap huge profits by designing special RV GPS devices to provide updated, accurate and quick location information through a reliable and exact navigational system. The GPS industry has been very successful with the car GPS and the innovation and research being done is sure to give some perfect GPS device for our next vacation.