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How do you use a Hoyer lift?

As much as seniors remain young and cheerful in their hearts, their mobility and flexibility diminish with time. After a certain age, seniors will have to put in more effort to move from one place to another or perform simple house chores. Unfortunately, there will come a time when our parents and grandparents won’t be… Read More »

Why it’s important to stay hydrated

  You hear it being said at least a couple of times a day – stay properly hydrated. However, this sentence is still treated lightly by most people who don’t have the time to count their water portions and exactly how much water they drink on a daily basis. But are those 2 liters of… Read More »

4 great places to pitch a tent in America

  As you could probably tell from the other post I wrote for the blog, I love camping and spend a lot of my spare time outdoors. I’ve also bought a pair of birding binoculars that I use now and again. I like to spend time in nature because it makes me feel at ease… Read More »

Top Gadgets I Use When Going Camping

  Camping is an excellent opportunity for getting away from it all and leaving behind the technology, and the constant stress of push notifications and social media interactions should be high on your list. However, as we are getting too used to being connected all the time, and since there are significant advantages to using… Read More »