Are Radar Detectors a Good Investment?

Radar detectors are legal in passenger vehicles in many states with the exception of some areas where radar detectors may be prohibited and these areas are basically military bases. Wireless radar detectors are illegal if you are using them near armed forces service stations and I advise you to disconnect any such device when entering such prohibited areas.

If you don’t take this advice, the police officers are going to pull you over unless you un-plug them. I am sharing this information with you because recently I was pulled over by two traffic cops near one of the security check points adjoining a military base. In any case, most of the police officers have no idea what the hell are they doing. Not sure? Check this article!

Both the officers were very strict and I too showed courtesy and co-operated with them. They searched my vehicle thoroughly, but they were not able to find anything. Upon asking why they were frisking my car, they asked me if I have installed any speed radar.  I told them that I don’t have such a device in my car. I crossed the check post without getting any ticket. I had not broken any law, but still got searched. No, I don’t have any hard feelings towards them since they were doing their duty and that too was linked to our own safety.

Although it wasted twenty minutes of my time, but the incident made me realize and I decided never to use radar detectors as it is a serious offense, if caught. I won the mouse and rat chase that day, but only because I was right in every way since I didn’t have any radar detector in my car. If you have nothing to hide, always let the police check your vehicle voluntarily and you will be able to avoid any hassles.

One more thing I would like to share is that it does not make any difference whether you have an expensive or less expensive radar detector; you are going to get a ticket for both over speeding and using a radar detector, if caught by police in the restricted areas.