4 great places to pitch a tent in America

By | September 5, 2017


As you could probably tell from the other post I wrote for the blog, I love camping and spend a lot of my spare time outdoors. I’ve also bought a pair of birding binoculars that I use now and again. I like to spend time in nature because it makes me feel at ease and helps me to forget about the stress I deal with in my daily life.

I suppose that this is what we should all do from time to time, to feel human again. Nowadays, social networking has become such a significant part of our lives that we forget to interact with other people how we used to a decade ago. There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly cut grass, seeing animals in their own habitat, and just listening to the woods hum on a beautiful spring morning. It’s like the earth is speaking to you.

I’ve put together a list of four amazing places where you can pitch a tent in the United States. If you’re all out of ideas, I suggest you check them out.


Denali National Park, Alaska

Not too many people are keen on the idea of going on vacation to Alaska, but I have to say that I’ve had some surprises with the region in the past. I love recreational fishing, for instance, and Alaska is jam-packed with plenty of opportunities in this sense.

This park has 6 million acres of open land. There are trails for hardcore hikers and beginners alike as some start right next to the visitor center. While some argue that the park might not be for the inexperienced, I believe you can avoid getting lost if you have the right equipment, mainly a hiking GPS.

There are 6 campgrounds you can choose from. The park is open year-round, but the entrance is not allowed on days when the weather is bad.


Yosemite National Park, California

It stands to reason that Americans should see two places in their country; the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park. The latter is one of the most spectacular destinations. It has no roads, no electricity, and no structures whatsoever, so you will need to spend a night under the stars. Keep in mind that the trails are long, so you’ll have to hike for three to four hours at a time.

The park has thirteen campgrounds located in various areas. Because it is quite popular, it might be a good idea to make a reservation, especially if you plan to visit it from April to September.

Olympic National Park, Washington

If you’ve seen movies like Lord of the Rings and others of which the action takes place in the woods, you simply have to make some time and visit this park. It is one of the unique ecosystems in the world as it can give you the opportunity to set your eyes on anything from mountains to rainforests.

There are 16 campgrounds scattered across the Olympic National Park. You’ll need to pay from $15 to $22 per night.


Arches National Park, Utah

It costs just ten dollars per vehicle if you want to spend the night in this park. Aside from the money-related advantage, you’ll probably like the diversity of parks that you can visit in the area. Both the photo opportunities and the trails are breathtaking, so you’ll have loads of fun with your friends and family, or even alone if you like hiking by yourself.




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